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Joseph Tearle, 1843, Toddington, UK

Joseph 1843 was born in Toddington to Sarah Tearle, the daughter of William 1796 of Stanbridge and Catherine nee Fossey. In 1856, a long time after Joseph was born, Sarah married John Garner, another of the Garners of Toddington. There is speculation that Joseph was John Garner’s son.

His early years can be traced in the 1851 and 1861 censuses, with his mother.

In 1871 Joseph has not moved far from Toddington, because he is in Parsonage End, married, with two children, William 4 and Moses 1. We now find out that Lois’ maiden name is Major and her mother is Phoebe Major “formerly Char Woman” and she is staying with them. Barbara tells me Joseph married Lois Major on 25 Nov 1866, in Toddington. William was rather grandly named William George Major Tearle and was born on 17 Apr 1866, in Toddington. Moses, named after his uncle, was born 06 Jun 1869 also in Toddington. I might add that both Phoebe and Lois, mother and daughter, are Toddington girls.

1871 = Joseph 1843 Tod Lois 28 William 4 Moses 1 Phoebe Major MIL 64 in Tod

The family is in New Inn, Toddington, which I understand is actually a pub. It seems to be on the corner of Friends Lane and Dunstable Rd. You can see that the family has grown with the addition of Minnie 1872, Major 1874 and Louisa 1880.

1881 = Joseph 1843 Tod Lois 38 William 14 Moses 11 Minnie 9 Major 6 Louisa 1 in Tod

Unfortunately, this is also the address at which Joseph died on 01 Apr 1886. By 1891, Lois is a widow, just 48yrs and Moses, even though he is only 21 yrs, is the “Inn Keeper (in charge)”while William, the elder brother, is a Brewer’s Assistant. Major is a butcher’s apprentice while Louisa, at 11yrs is still at school. That’s a change, isn’t it? We are used to seeing children, even this young, already at work. Lois (we’ll assume she is still running this) is also hiring a Brewer & Maltster. His name is Thomas R Green and he is lodging in the house. He is also probably the master to whom William is the assistant.

1891 = Lois 1843 Tod wid William G 24 Moses 21 Major 16 Louisa 11 in Tod

In the 1901 census we find out that they are indeed in the New Inn public house, Luton Rd, and it has been joined by the Angel public house right next door. Lois is the Publican (I thought she was running the show) Moses is the Brewer – s & . Groom, I think, and Louisa is the Barmaid. Excellent.

1901 = Lois 1843 Tod Moses 31 Louisa 21 in Tod

William died on 16 Sep 1895 in The Square, Toddington, and the 1901 census shows his widow, Annie nee Briden living in The Square, Toddington with son Hubert Major Tearle 1893 Tod. She is a dressmaker working from home “on own account” as the enumerator puts it.

1901 = Annie 1868 Tod Hubert Major 7 in Tod

Hubert went on to move to St Albans, marry Daisy Howard there on 27 Dec 1913 and become an employee of the Gas Board. He died on 09 Oct 1982 in Hadley Lawns, Barnet. 89yrs old.

Richard Tearle told me: “Hubert, of course, served in the Royal Artillery in WW1 and “… and once told us that he was recommended with four others for a medal, but there were only 4 medals awarded and he was the one who missed out.”

Major 1874 Tod wasn’t in Toddington on the night of the 1901 census, in fact I can’ t find him anywhere, but he had married Elizabeth Ann nee Turvey and she was there on the High Street, Toddington, with son William Major Tearle 1899 Tod. She does not give a profession or occupation.

1901 = Elizabeth A 1877 Tod William M 2 in Tod

Minnie 1872 Tod was in the 1901 census. She was listed as an “Officer” and S(ingle) and Head Attendant in the Dartford Asylum, in Kent.

1901 = Minnie 1872 Tod Head Attendant in Dartford Asylum Kent