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Workers at Sun Engraving and Sun Printers, Watford, UK

Annotated by Ewart Tearle, Apr 2011.

Thanks to Rosemary Tearle of Auckland, New Zealand.

Sun Engraving and Sun Printers was a large printing company in Watford in the 20th Century. Here is their company history page and the link below is to a list of employees. I have extracted the Tearle names from this list and attempted to identify them from the information already held in the Tree. The annotation is beneath the company listing, in italics.

Note the two military men in the list –

David Philip Tearle, Gunner, Royal Artillery and

Herbert Lewis Tearle, Sgt, Royal Engineers.

I can find no further information on the military service of these two men, but WW2 service is no small thing.


The names below are on a single page of a large number of employees of the company:

Tearle, Anne (Miss) (daughter of Tearle, Donald) (m 1963, Worth, Colin) Production Cost Analysis; Prod Control w S.Print (1959-65); ph; src sn/Jun63, Sum65, Aut65, Aut67; Impr v8/3; Wood, JG

Anne Tearle 1944 Watford, dau Donald Edward T 1922 and Roma Monica nee Braham. G-grandson of Jabez 1844 and Susannah nee Payne.

Tearle, Anthony E. (Tony) Engraving, jnymn w S.Print 1967-85} ; src sn Aut 67; Wardlow, Adrian; Dryburgh, John; NSList

Antony E Tearle 1951 of Watford, son of Donald Edward Tearle 1922 and Roma Monica nee Braham.

Tearle, D. Finishing w S.Print (1981- } ; src snn/87


Tearle, David P. (Dave), Gnr. (R.A.)Letterpress m/c, asst w S.Engrv, S.Print (1932-71); src SaW/2/4; SWn Aug 42, Christmas 42, May 43; snn/23

David Philip Tearle 1909 of St Albans, son of Edward Joseph Tearle 1879 and Emma Elizabeth nee Warner. Brother of Leslie James 1896 who was killed in France 1915.

Tearle, Donald (Batman) (father of Tearle, Anne) Letterpress m/c, asst w S.Print ?; src Wood, JG

Donald Edward Tearle 1922 of Watford, son of Edward George Tearle 1898 and Nellie E nee Boultwood. Grandson of Edward Joseph 1874 and Jane nee Picton.

Tearle, Herbert L. (Bert) (1912-90), Sgt. (R.E.) Block Process w S.Engrv { 1939-45} ; ph; src SaW/1/2/4; SWn Aug 42, May 43; Everly, Marian

Herbert Lewis (aka Lewis Herbert) Tearle 1912 of Watford. Grandson of Levi 1852 and Jane nee Packard. Married Freda M Minter.

Tearle, K. Gravure m/c, jnymn w S.Print (1954-67); src snNov67