Indian Cow

India, 26 Sep 2012

Liam was having a wonderful time with Cupcakes on my IPad and wanted to tell you what he was doing.  He is doing REALLY well with that program and loves it!!!  He even makes his own cupcake covers using my photo library.

Discovered it himself but I assist him with the library because I don’t want to lose my photos by accident.  It looks as tough he may have purchased some extra apps for that program today so don’t be surprised if we get an ITunes bill for that.  We were playing together, he clicked on something pretty quickly then all of a sudden we had a LOT more options with that program. Never mind, he has had a great time with it, plays on it for ages and laughs and laughs while he does it, which is excellent.

It has been a godsend too as they have been studying food at school and cooking each day and of course he has not been able to eat what he has been making. He has enjoyed bringing it home as a present for me though..  Yesterday I had a mini pizza for my lunch hat he had made at school.  It had little sausages on it because he loves sausages. We shared the sausages and I ate the rest.
Time for dinner.